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The general malaise has really seeped into everything at work.  So many people are gone... It's unfathomable that so much has happened in a year...  The reason I dropped the ball on writing again this time is due to work.  It was announced that our team was moving to another state as I was editing my El Internado fics.  It was a rough blow, so I had to scramble and devote my time to getting a new job lined up ASAP.  Now that I've partially gotten that squared away, I still have a few items on my agenda that need to be taken care of...  It makes me wonder when I'll really have the time again to write before 2016...

I tried to resume El Internado, but vividness from it is gone now.  While there's great new things on my horizon, it all feels empty somehow.  Perhaps it's because the current situation and history make me suspicious...  Maybe when I actually get to live it, I'll realize that I'm happy?