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While Keeping the Faith (2000) is a funny though unremarkable film, this scene and this line has always stayed with me.  Well, some months ago, I waited for a sign with Snoopy that said 'Keep looking up... That's the secret of life.'  At the same time, how I got the sign involved me taking my own initiative to get it, and it proved that we can't expect to wait for things to happen on their own, we have to go after them too...

Some days, it feels like it's been the longest 5 years of my life.  I started and completed grad school.  I worked for a different company every year in that time span -- coinciding with every major storm to hit the tri-state area in the last 5 years (I kid you not).  I started taking improv classes and programming classes.  The whole business really put a damper on my ability to write because I was constantly putting every effort into keeping my head above water.  Now, I'm finally home.  The storm skipped over us this time.  If that's not a sign that my trials are over (at least temporarily), I don't know what is...

Anyway, I was browsing my stats and noticed that folks are still very interested in Against Time, but I want to finish Between the Lines since it only has 3-4 chapters to go.  Another big blip on my stats radar is that one of my El Internado stories has been getting quite a views compared to the others.  In fact, it's the second chapter of a two part fic, so I'm curious how/why it would have triple as many visitors and views as the first chapter.  Weird.  One shots from El Internado will keep coming, as I have a bunch of them stored up.
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