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When I look back at 2015, I can hardly imagine that so much took place in one year.  I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that I'm going to be 30 years old this year.  When I was 28, I dreaded the thought of how much time felt like it had slipped away from me since the time I had finished college.  I hadn't achieved what I wanted in life, and nothing turned out the way I expected it.  But when I turned 29 about 2 months ago, I realized that a lot of things had changed.  I began to think about what made me happy, not about expectations.  Life's too short to worry about where you haven't gone, make sure you get where you want to be today.

I finally made it to San Francisco, Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam last year.  It wasn't well planned out outside of 'To hell with everything, I'm going to do what I want for once.'  I joined an improv class and took a class in comedy sketch writing.  The main thing I've taken away from writing class is that writing by trade is much much different than writing on inspiration.  It pushed me to new creative places, which is what I wanted.

I started writing again last year.  Not for anyone but me.  Sure, it was fanfiction, but that's like complaining that professional athletes train during their off-season.  At the same time, I'm haunted by old bad habits of not finishing what I've written.  It's always fun to start a new story... finishing it?  Well, that's the hard part.

The strangest thing of all?  I'm into fantasy again, the genre that has always been my one true calling to read and write for.  It felt like an odd sense of homecoming when I sat through watching The Shannara Chronicles on MTV, like I'd stepped back into the wardrobe and walked past the lamp post, into my adolescent kingdom.

And so we begin 2016...