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I always found writing on paper far more liberating than typing for a first draft.  I need to feel it, every strike, every word choice, to really get into the story.

Neil Gaiman succintly puts into words what it feels like to write a draft on paper.  It's also been helpful to inspire me to keep writing and that it's necessary to finish what I've written.  These last few weeks, I've been stuck with work and I want to get back to writing.  I've been using the blog here to be my outlet for getting to air some of my ideas, particularly since last year I found my voice again.  Somewhere along the way, I got lost in those years.

At first, I took a break from writing when I started college.  I had lived in my head all through my life until then, and it was during that time in college that I had the chance to go out of my world and be in a place I had only dreamed of before.  I had started to write again right after college, in bits and pieces, but I had lost my focus because my job situation didn't settle down and I felt like a desolate failure.  I think I lost my voice in those years, and some parts of myself I may never get back.  Then I went to grad school.  Now, after all that time and those experiences, for better or worse, will shape my writing going forward.