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A/N: I happened to find this on an old flash drive and decided to post it.


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I always said that I would post the endings to the fics if I didn't think that I would end up finishing them. I've decided that now is a good of a time as any to post this.  So here is the abridged version of what was supposed to happen:

The XYZ Affair
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After Life
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Between the Lines

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Against Time
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And that ladies and gentlemen, is how the story was supposed to unfold.  Perhaps someday I'll go back to finish them, because I went back to the show years after for inspiration back in 2008.  I'm grateful for everyone I've met in the fandom, who've read, reviewed or revised with me.  Thank you.  Until I return, good night and good luck!
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Being in grad school, having a boss who impersonates Pol Pot and all that other life stuff in between really wreaks havoc on trying to write.  I can't even believe that November is over and I didn't get the chance to write anything.

Ironically, this is the month when there was an episode of Being Erica where the lead character realizes she's gotten far away from her dream of writing fiction.  Then the entire episode of The Simpsons featuring Neil Gaiman and the entire publishing industry.  Then someone said that it figured that I couldn't keep writing because I've never been the sort of person who could finish what I started, which I found insulting.  That kind of got my gears in motion that I had fallen out of my writing habits, and writing is a habit and perpetual process no matter what.  Then I got a kick in the pants when I saw that someone reviewed Wake... and I felt floored. 

How did I let myself fall off the wagon like that?  I put my fanfic aside for original writing and I ended up accomplishing very little in either.  I keep starting stories but then scrapping them, I remember reading that when a writer did that too often, it signaled a lack of belief in herself and therefore the story.  I've gotten stronger resolve to finish Between the Lines since its the closest story to being done. I even worked past an inconsistency that I didn't like just two days ago.  Once that's done, it's on to Wake... and eventually Long December.
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I kind of had this lying around, if anyone's still interested.  I'm just blocked/lazy/busy.

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Hard to imagine it's been over 2 years since I officially joined the Dark Angel fandom.  It was a different show for its time, the first show that mentioned the Taliban and to use the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen that we're so used to seeing now.  It was also the first mainstream primetime show to actually have real diversity.  But it was hardly one of the truly epic TV series of all time.  Too many plot inconsistencies and fraying at the end are what did the show in. 

Still, it was one of the best worlds to play in.  If it wasn't, it wouldn't still be a pretty active fandom being written for, since the show has been off the air for almost 10 years.  Dark Angel and Firefly are two shows FOX canceled in succession and whose fanfics became in essence greater than the shows themselves in some ways.

When I joined in 2008, there was a lot more activity going on than its had recently.  Sure, when a fandom is new there's tons to discover and nothing will compare to that, but 2008 was a busy fandom year.  The Alphabet Games were going on and there were a lot more creative risks being taken with Max/Alec shipping, along with more M/A fics in general.  Several great serial stories were in full swing and it was an exciting time to be a reader -- where would Max and Alec be in their next adventure?  There were lots of different AU, Manticore, and S2 Redux stories.

Nowadays, it feels like  there's not much going on.  There are a few interesting stories, but nothing that's really grabbed me.  There are fewer M/A overall, which is pretty sad.  I've been thinking about posting that long awaited (and bemoaned) Chapter 6 of Wake... which is why I'm thinking about the series as of late.

FYI -- I use the Max/Alec ship as a litmus test for how much I'll get into someone's work.  Not that I'm hating on M/Ls, but from my experience I've been keener on the writing style of other M/A shippers.  It probably has something to do with liking snarky heroines and morally ambivalent bad boys.
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It's obvious that I won't be able to finish Aerie by the end of November because I've got other things I have to take care of.

But I want to finish Aerie for ME.  I haven't finished a story in so long, and I would like to stop holding myself back.  I'm still writing Aerie as much as time allows.  It's a great trilogy and I want to share it with people.  Hopefully, they find it as cool as I do.  I was talking to one of my friends about the story, and she liked it because she said it totally plays on the emotional turmoil of its characters.

I do credit NaNo with kicking my ass in gear to try original writing and writing in general again.

I am going to finish Aerie.  I am going to finish the trilogy.  Even if it kills me.

As a side note, I still haven't given up on my fanfic totally.  I may have mentioned this before, but if I know I'm not going to finish them, I will be posting the spoiler endings to all of the series except The XYZ Affair.
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After a totally awesome birthday weekend, I'm back in action. 

I'm currently reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods, which has to be the most awesome book he's written and I've read Neverwhere and Stardust, but not Anansi Boys yet.  He's one of the most brilliant fantasy writers I've read.  I'm hoping to finish the book before I start NaNo, because I can't read and write at the same time.

I haven't chosen which story I'm going to do for NaNo yet.  I've had several stories sketched out -- Aerie, last year's failed attempt that was revamped and Prufrock are my main ones.  Aerie is in the lead because I've had it on the brain for a bit lately.  I would have preferred a stand alone novel, not a trilogy starter.  There's also a myriad of other stories I could do, like Elara or a retelling of Puss in Boots or the retelling of the Iliad story.  But I take what the inspiration gives... 

I am going to finish one this year.  That's my goal.  I'm even going to Staples to buy a notebook for it.  I feel sort of vindicated about writing by hand, because when I was in high school people thought I was weird for not typing my stories.  I can't write a first draft on a computer because my brain just doesn't register digital text the same way.  Like sometimes I feel like I want a word to start with a certain letter just because I like the feeling of drawing that letter, that word, out.

Unfortunately, there are no updates for the DA fanfics.  I'd like to finish Between The Lines, but I lost Chapter 7 and I have to find it.  That one is so close to done I can feel it.  I'm still working on them when I find time.
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If you're reading my fanfic and my LJ, you'd know that I've been uninspired and having a hard time writing. *coughs* see previous entry from last week *coughs*  Nothing was coming -- not Prufrock, not DA, not Confessions of a Fairy Godmother...  Then yesterday I stumbled onto a song and got inspired again.

Well, if you're following the Against Time Series, chapter 6 is done!  That's right.  Only to edit and hopefully it'll be up by next week.  Trust me, I'm probably more excited than you are to finally get it out.  I've started chapter 7 and things really start heating up.  Fortunately, I do have all the main events plotted out and hopefully it's back on track.

I didn't think I had it in me to keep going, then I heard Hedley's "Perfect."  It totally reminded me of Alec and it fits perfectly with Against Time.  Then suddenly I wanted to write for Wake... because all these images came flooding back.  And there we have it.  So simple?  Yeah right.  I wish.

I'm not an audiophile like some of my friends, but music does play a big part in my writing process.  It helps set the tone and pushes me to keep going.  I've had whole stories inspired by a single song.  I also have a knack for picking songs that will be big on TV show and movie soundtracks, so I think I'm pretty good at choosing music for atmosphere.  And that I spent way way way too much time in front of the TV as a kid.

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A/N:  This is a scene that didn’t make it into Chapter 5, but I felt like sharing it because I haven’t updated in forever and am feeling particularly guilty.  I wrote it after I wrote Chapter 5 and it never really “fit” properly into the story.


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After months of running in circles, Chapter 7 of Between the Lines is finished!  It has to be the longest chapter I've written so far -- twice as long as the others.  Since the plan is for 10 chapters, I'm back on track.  The reason for the delay was because a few new ideas came to me and I had to figure out how to work them in.  I'll probably spend the weekend editing it and it should be posted around Monday or Tuesday. *crosses fingers*

I know Chapter 5 of Wake... is overdue but when it does show up it'll be pretty long because part of Chapter 4 was cut and I added an extra scene.  I've been getting requests for updates on this one and I feel guilty.  It'll come eventually.
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I saw the movie Avatar last weekend and it reminded me of an homage to several of James Cameron's failed cinematic endeavors (Aliens of the Deep, Dark Angel, Terminator 3, etc).  It was also the post-colonial white guilt story that an article I read pointed out.  Cliche would be an understatement for the storyline, but I knew going in there it was all about the special effects.  And the blue kitty-cat people from another planet.

Seriously, what I mostly thought about after seeing the movie was that the most famous movies are about aliens and monsters and mutants, but when you're that kid that says 'I'm writing a story about aliens' or the poor dork caught reading novels with weird space adventure covers, everyone and their brother thinks you're a freak.  Tell someone you're writing about blue kitty-cat people whose home planet is being invaded by aliens and that it's a social commentary on colonialism and mercantilism and corporate greed, well, you'll be eating alone at lunch. A lot.

I don't understand the taboo of sci-fi/fantasy in society.  Growing up, I was definitely not in an atmosphere conducive to writing sci-fi and fantasy, let alone reading it.  There was always this stigma of 'normal people don't like that sort of thing' attached to my reading tastes, so I've often found it puzzling that a lot of cultural icons come from the speculative genre -- everyone knows who the X-Men are, the third highest grossing movie was about Batman, Superman is the epitome of truth, justice and the American way and all that crock.  Heck, everyone is in love with Twilight and True Blood and stories about vampires!  It doesn't quite make sense that the genre be taboo, does it?  But I digress.

Speaking of sci-fi writing and James Cameron, I haven't updated my DA fics in a while because I'm having a bit of the ever dreaded writer's block.  Last time I pushed out a chapter in spite of my blockage, it was Chapter 3 of Wake Me Up... and that remains the worst received chapter of all so far.  It was strange, I had someone review all the chapters except that one!  So, I've since decided it's better to wait for when my heart is in it to put out more chapters.  Sorry to anyone who's reading and waiting for updates, I just want the story to be its best and pushing out chapters is not going to work for me or the stories.
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1. Officially finish writing After Life, Between the Lines, and Wake Me Up When September Ends.  Seriously, this is at the top of my list.  I want them done.  The XYZ Affair can be the last story I finish because it's just one-shots.  Wake needs to be over so I can get to the last installment of the trilogy.

2. Finish writing 1 novel before the year is up.  I'll have my own personal NaNoWriMo.  Yes, I know that's a double possessive but it's the internet and I still type the same way I do as when I was in high school.

3. Find a better job.  That should be higher on my list, but right now I'm just fed up.

4. Become a better writer.  I feel like my style needs to be more engaging and direct.  I tend to go on tangents and feel like my narrative style is 'foot in mouth' and not as smooth as I'd like.

5. Go out more and see the world.

6. Get through my to-read list.

7. Spend more time with my friends.
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It's been slim pickins' on the DA section of, and I just felt like expressing my distaste at the ridiculous cliches that litter the place:

1. A new, original story featuring a brand new female lead character that is Alec's -- Who do you think you're kidding?  It's not fanfic, it's self-insertion into the story to have fantasy sex with Jensen Ackles that most sane people won't care to read.

2. Logan was a evil, mustache twirling villain cliche (I mean this for the extreme cases) -- What show were you watching?  Yes, he could be a jerk sometimes but he was hardly evil.  Just because you prefer Alec, that didn't make Logan evil and to twist alliances like that is a sign of pitiful writing and observation skills.  It also foretells that none of the characters will stay in character, as you obviously are too busy skewing things toward your perception rather than being true to the show.

3. Alec as the martyr, Max as the wicked witch -- Again, were we watching the same show?  Alec wasn't a saint, and he betrayed Max several times at the beginning of the show, it wasn't until after Rachel's death did he slowly become more caring.  Max wasn't wrong in distrusting him for a long time, it was justified.

4. Alec was the best thing to come around since cheese -- There's nothing Super!Alec can't do!  He delivers babies, he saves Max from Logan, he runs Terminal City, he secretly ran all of Manticore back in the day, he's the cure to the Coming or his sperm is.  The only thing he can't do is fly, but I'm sure someone will rectify that one of these days.  Seriously people?  He was the jerk, the bad boy who didn't give a damn about anyone but himself and was slowly starting to become less selfish when the show ended.  The author is just writing Alec the way she wanted him to be, rather than who he was.

5. Copying an original story that's already been done and writing it again in really bad grammar and style -- it happens, sometimes you read a story over and over again until it gets imbedded into your head and you write a fanfic that sounds like a hundred other fanfics, except it's the ones who get pissed over why they aren't getting rave reviews that make me laugh.  You need to bring something fresh to the table, because no one wants cold, three week old pizza.

6. The general horrible writers on that I regularly ignore because they fancy themselves to be good writers and refuse to improve on their blatantly awful writing style, poor grammar, and all around pathetic attempts at being taken seriously.  I admit that my writing could use improvement, and why does everyone who reviews them pretend that the writing is passable?  I mean for christ's sake, I've seen whole paragraphs without commas and periods that no one pointed out.
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Chapter 12: Speechless

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I'm writing Chapter 12 of After Life, for anyone still reading that one.  I know it's been a while since I updated it but I was stuck.  Time really flew by.

I'm also going to start editing the next few chapters of Wake, I know that Chapter 3 wasn't spectacular especially after making everyone wait so long but I needed that push to get back into editing and posting.  Hopefully, Chapter 4 will be up soon and Alec's behavior won't seem so odd.  Between the Lines is on-going as well, I'm hoping to tie it up in 4 more chapters.

The Open prompt was giving me trouble after the initial idea for it didn't work out.  I refused to do something that seemed like I was just copying off someone else.  I remembered [ profile] wesgibson asking if there were any AUs of Max and Alec that were of them being "normal."  I've seen a handful of them, but nearly all of them are unfinished or just not my taste or both.  So this one is for him.

What would life be like if Max were a "normal girl"?  When Max wakes up one morning, she finds herself leading a normal existence - no Familiars, no freaky DNA, no transgenics, no Manticore.  Max gets to be just another bike messenger working at Jam Pony.  But is this really the life she always wanted?  (Yes, it is an M/A fic, no worries!)

I haven't seen it done before (or maybe it's in the M/L section but I don't read that).  Usually the normal life AUs take them out of their Jam Pony lives - they become models, military folks, high school or college students.  I warn you now that it's going to be a long one-shot.

Another thing to look out for - I'm posting some of the one-shots that didn't make the cut for The XYZ Affair, they'll be listed on LJ and Gumboot with the other XYZ stuff but as separate one-shots on

I'm also trying to improve my style.  I have a horrible habit of trying to say everything at once, then it comes out in a jumble.  But I'm working on it.

The XYZ Affair is as follows:
Open - Writing - AU - What's normal anyway?
Promise - Pending
Quarantine - Pending
Rune - Complete - post FN fic
Sunday - Complete - S2 filler
Touch - Pending
Umbrella - Complete - S2 filler
Vacation - Outlined - Sketchy, a ski lodge, and s'mores... what could possibly go wrong?
Wager - Outlined - Alec's got a new girlfriend, but how long will she last?  All bets are on and the gloves are off.
Xerox - Almost complete - Manticore fic
Yawn - Pending
Zipper - Pending

Later days!
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A/N: Apparently, this is what the word “soon” means in my version of the time-space continuum.  I know, not much happened but the next one has more going on.

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