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I always said that I would post the endings to the fics if I didn't think that I would end up finishing them. I've decided that now is a good of a time as any to post this.  So here is the abridged version of what was supposed to happen:

The XYZ Affair
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After Life
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Between the Lines

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Against Time
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And that ladies and gentlemen, is how the story was supposed to unfold.  Perhaps someday I'll go back to finish them, because I went back to the show years after for inspiration back in 2008.  I'm grateful for everyone I've met in the fandom, who've read, reviewed or revised with me.  Thank you.  Until I return, good night and good luck!
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Chapter 12: Speechless

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I'm writing Chapter 12 of After Life, for anyone still reading that one.  I know it's been a while since I updated it but I was stuck.  Time really flew by.

I'm also going to start editing the next few chapters of Wake, I know that Chapter 3 wasn't spectacular especially after making everyone wait so long but I needed that push to get back into editing and posting.  Hopefully, Chapter 4 will be up soon and Alec's behavior won't seem so odd.  Between the Lines is on-going as well, I'm hoping to tie it up in 4 more chapters.

The Open prompt was giving me trouble after the initial idea for it didn't work out.  I refused to do something that seemed like I was just copying off someone else.  I remembered [ profile] wesgibson asking if there were any AUs of Max and Alec that were of them being "normal."  I've seen a handful of them, but nearly all of them are unfinished or just not my taste or both.  So this one is for him.

What would life be like if Max were a "normal girl"?  When Max wakes up one morning, she finds herself leading a normal existence - no Familiars, no freaky DNA, no transgenics, no Manticore.  Max gets to be just another bike messenger working at Jam Pony.  But is this really the life she always wanted?  (Yes, it is an M/A fic, no worries!)

I haven't seen it done before (or maybe it's in the M/L section but I don't read that).  Usually the normal life AUs take them out of their Jam Pony lives - they become models, military folks, high school or college students.  I warn you now that it's going to be a long one-shot.

Another thing to look out for - I'm posting some of the one-shots that didn't make the cut for The XYZ Affair, they'll be listed on LJ and Gumboot with the other XYZ stuff but as separate one-shots on

I'm also trying to improve my style.  I have a horrible habit of trying to say everything at once, then it comes out in a jumble.  But I'm working on it.

The XYZ Affair is as follows:
Open - Writing - AU - What's normal anyway?
Promise - Pending
Quarantine - Pending
Rune - Complete - post FN fic
Sunday - Complete - S2 filler
Touch - Pending
Umbrella - Complete - S2 filler
Vacation - Outlined - Sketchy, a ski lodge, and s'mores... what could possibly go wrong?
Wager - Outlined - Alec's got a new girlfriend, but how long will she last?  All bets are on and the gloves are off.
Xerox - Almost complete - Manticore fic
Yawn - Pending
Zipper - Pending

Later days!
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Since I finished Just Another 48 Hours, I decided to take inventory of how far I've come since I started posting.

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3/11/08 18:28
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Hurray! I finally finished writing the last chapter of Just Another 48 Hours.  That took way longer than expected...

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Well that's it.  L8rz.

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