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Alter the Ending is my take on what happened when the characters left Laguna Negra, primarily Marcos, Julia and Ivan as they wrap up their final year and a half of education in public school.  It's a serial of 'one-shots' since it skips around to random events until the finale - Ivan and Julia's wedding.  Other major characters make appearances.

There's a few major arcs:

  • The kids adjust to life in a new setting, but they're hounded by the press - this is the subplot that runs through the fics, as Julia's mother will unwittingly date a reporter, Sergio, who is looking to know more about the events at the school.  Eventually, they find out and never speak to him again, especially when he chooses to continue writing about Laguna Negra instead of being with Julia's mother.

  • Each of the students meets with the school guidance counselor, and they have to decide what career paths they want to take.  This is a difficult process for each of them, particularly Ivan.

  • Marcos meets a new girl, but he's not sure if he's ready to move on.

  • Ivan's cousin Manuela attends school with them, and manages to cause trouble for him and Julia.

  • OTTOX is under investigation, but Ivan is still a shareholder.  When the charges against OTTOX go to trial, Ivan is accused of supporting them, which impacts his interactions with everyone who doesn't know him.  Sergio writes an article proclaiming his innocence and presenting the public with some of Ivan's videos.  When Ivan tries to reach out to him, Sergio explains that he was just writing the truth.  He tells Ivan there have been too many secrets for too long without a voice, and this will be the story that he will leave his legacy with, telling the truth about Laguna Negra, but he cannot have a personal connection to the story because it would ruin his credibility.

  • Hector and Maria start dating a year later, getting married two years afterwards.

  • There will be a moment when everyone is watching the World Cup in 2010, and Spain wins.

  • The closing story will be about Ivan and Julia's wedding, where they come across a box of old photos, and close off some dark memories to move on completely with their lives.

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Alter the Ending

Episode: Post-7x15 “El Fin”

Summary: Life after El Internado Laguna Negra isn’t quite the happily ever after that they were expecting…


Chapter 1: The Story of a Lifetime

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