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I always said that I would post the endings to the fics if I didn't think that I would end up finishing them. I've decided that now is a good of a time as any to post this.  So here is the abridged version of what was supposed to happen:

The XYZ Affair
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After Life
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Between the Lines

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Against Time
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And that ladies and gentlemen, is how the story was supposed to unfold.  Perhaps someday I'll go back to finish them, because I went back to the show years after for inspiration back in 2008.  I'm grateful for everyone I've met in the fandom, who've read, reviewed or revised with me.  Thank you.  Until I return, good night and good luck!
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Being in grad school, having a boss who impersonates Pol Pot and all that other life stuff in between really wreaks havoc on trying to write.  I can't even believe that November is over and I didn't get the chance to write anything.

Ironically, this is the month when there was an episode of Being Erica where the lead character realizes she's gotten far away from her dream of writing fiction.  Then the entire episode of The Simpsons featuring Neil Gaiman and the entire publishing industry.  Then someone said that it figured that I couldn't keep writing because I've never been the sort of person who could finish what I started, which I found insulting.  That kind of got my gears in motion that I had fallen out of my writing habits, and writing is a habit and perpetual process no matter what.  Then I got a kick in the pants when I saw that someone reviewed Wake... and I felt floored. 

How did I let myself fall off the wagon like that?  I put my fanfic aside for original writing and I ended up accomplishing very little in either.  I keep starting stories but then scrapping them, I remember reading that when a writer did that too often, it signaled a lack of belief in herself and therefore the story.  I've gotten stronger resolve to finish Between the Lines since its the closest story to being done. I even worked past an inconsistency that I didn't like just two days ago.  Once that's done, it's on to Wake... and eventually Long December.
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I kind of had this lying around, if anyone's still interested.  I'm just blocked/lazy/busy.

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After months of running in circles, Chapter 7 of Between the Lines is finished!  It has to be the longest chapter I've written so far -- twice as long as the others.  Since the plan is for 10 chapters, I'm back on track.  The reason for the delay was because a few new ideas came to me and I had to figure out how to work them in.  I'll probably spend the weekend editing it and it should be posted around Monday or Tuesday. *crosses fingers*

I know Chapter 5 of Wake... is overdue but when it does show up it'll be pretty long because part of Chapter 4 was cut and I added an extra scene.  I've been getting requests for updates on this one and I feel guilty.  It'll come eventually.
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A/N: Apparently, this is what the word “soon” means in my version of the time-space continuum.  I know, not much happened but the next one has more going on.

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Summary:  Max’s search for the cure to the virus takes an unexpected detour when she gets a lead on the mother she spent a lifetime wondering about.  


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